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IAS Association is an organization of serving members of the Indian Administrative Service, allocated to cadre. However, the association keeps in touch with the retired IAS officers of the country through its various periodical activities. As officers are serving in far off areas, there is need for a common platform for intra cadre dialogue.

As Indian Administrative Service is an all India Service, the Association also serves as a link with our brother officers serving the central Government, State Governments and Union Territories and Organizations at National and International Level. There are many issues that affect the All India Service Officers as a whole. The Association serves as a platform for carrying out consultations to sort out such broad issues.

Since the members of the Association are serving at senior levels in their respective places of posting, they interact with people from different walks of life. It is the endeavor of this association to make the views of eminent persons known to its members. The Association is also sensitive to public aspirations about development activities in the State. Activities of the association are, therefore, aimed at achieving the larger objective of providing excellence in Governance."

The objectives for which the Association is established are:

  1. To uphold high standard of conduct and instill esprit de corps and to promote fellowship and foster spirit of cooperation and fraternity amongst the community of Indian administrative service borne on cadre without discrimination to any caste, creed or religion;
  2. To promote and diffuse knowledge in the area of modern management & administration and thereby inculcate a sense of professional pride and professional excellence and to arrange Social & Cultural activities amongst the members, their family members and guests without discrimination to any caste, creed or religion;
  3. To hold or become partner in holding seminars, workshops, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, tournaments, competitions, and to arrange get-togethers of officers along with families Guests without discrimination to any caste, creed or religion;
  4. To promote sports activities (indoor as well as outdoor) with participation of members, their family members and their guests by providing meeting place facilities for indoor and outdoor games and other recreations and accommodation to member participants in sports events;
  5. To provide library and reading room for the members, their family members and their guests;
  6. To encourage exchange of ideas amongst the members, their family members and their guests interested in music, painting, sculpture and other fine arts;
  7. To promote welfare of the I.A.S. officers and their families by undertaking various welfare activities;
  8. To solicit view of members on matters of common interest or to advice Government and other Authorities on matters of common interest of the members;
  9. To help rehabilitation of families of officers in distress or those who die due to accident or vulnerable decease;
  10. To give constructive suggestion to Central and State government conducive to the growth and development of the members;
  11. To seek redressed of the grievances of members through representation before appropriate authorities. To receive and distribute the funds received as grant, contributions, corpus fund or to arrange financial assistance as may be permissible under the provisions of Societies Registration Act 1860 and management, administration, investment and reinvestment of funds so raised or available with the Association;
  12. To take all such measures and collective action incidental or conducive including partnering or collaborating with Central IAS association or any such other organizations towards achievement of the objectives listed above.


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